Demon Shells 24/ct Kit w/HDPE Tubes

Demon Shells 24/ct Kit w/HDPE Tubes

Brand: Pyro Demon Fireworks
Product Code: 904
In Stock
Price: $74.99

So, You Have Shot All The Rest.....Now Shoot THE BEST !

Referenced on the net as the King Of All Cans !

24 Pack canister shell kit containing 4 HDPE Tubes, 2 of each of the following effects

Each shell is labeled with the effect.

  • white glitter
  • sea blue and red glitter
  • brocade crown to blue tips
  • brocade crown to massive crackle
  • red dahlia with white glitter
  • lemon white glitter gold
  • brocade crown to red tips
  • sea blue and purple with gold glitter
  • silver coconut with red peony
  • sky blue brocade crown with green glitter
  • red white and blue peony
  • brocade crown to green tips

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